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Firstly morning all glad to be here. I’m having major trouble beating a level on Dhrak-Zum I cant seem to defeat the fire giant Jarl and take his hammer. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank

What level are your troops and hero? And yes you should be using a hero in your build.
Preferably show us your build in a screen shot like this.

You’ll still need to tell the levels and stuff but it may help speed up the process of getting help.


Ok well I’m level 81 and I have hero in my party along with a level 19 ice Dragon, level 16 frost archer, level 16 dryad. Will take screenshot in a bit.

I assume the level of the hero is one then?
Make sure you click on it and level it up like you would a troop and select a hero class for it.

Can you describe what’s happening in the match that isn’t working for you? Freeze is definitely the right direction because Jarl will loop a lot without freezing him. What’s killing you though specifically?

I’m just getting slaughtered by all the enemies fire attacks. Just can’t understand what’s going wrong it’s not like it’s the main boss of the stage?

Def see if you have freeze for any of your (probably limited) troops. Even a lvl 1 card with freeze on it will stop him long enough to wipe them out.

Use the troop search “freeze”

Cleared most of battles in early campaign kingdoms with this setup:

Golden Cog
Clockwork Sphinx

you can try it, as you should have Golden Cog and Rowanne, only problem might be having Sphinx…


Thanx for this sytro I added my ice Dragon to the party and did it using ur idea on 2nd attempt.

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This team is able to defeat some (not all) lvl 30 or even 40 dungeon battes. It’s quite usefull “starter deck” until you get some good mythics/legendaries and build teams arround them.
Or until you level your Stone-talent-tree class* at least to lvl 40, to get those barriers on matching brown gems, where at that point, your hero starts to become a 1man army.

*Stone-talent-tree classes are(in order their kingdoms are unlocked):
Runepriest/Titan-> Khaziel/Stormheim
Monk-> Shentang
Sentinel-> Urskaya

And that’s probably 1 thing i would suggest as a next step-> unlock one of the classes above and use it in your team in order to gain exp for that class.
Sentinel is the most tanky class ingame, but it’s avaible very late in game.
Plaguelord has definately best hero-class weapon (which are unlocked after doing 250 battles with class/hero equiped onto team).
Monk is most resilent class ingame (he wont be stopped by most of status effects which might hurt other classes).
Runepriest is great paried with Dwarf teams. On his own, he can be quite good frontliner.
Titan is best in teams with Giants. On his own, he can be realy good frontliner.