Struggling to see the good use for Skeleros

So he creates 5 skulls, but thus higher level he is thus more skulls does he take away, so I just have problems see his potential…

There is none. He is the weakest troop in the game with the only troop competing for worse being Dokkalfar.

The only instance Skeleros has any potential is with hunter’s mark + his ability, but even then it is weaker than a regular skull match and is still reduced by things like armor and stoneskin.

Mother of god. :dizzy_face:

Agree Skeleros is rubbish… One of the worst troops…

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I don’t know man, that Nymph is pretty awful I gotta say. And then there’s that Poison Master that the very idea of being stuck to use in the arena makes me want to lose twice right now.

Worst Epic however? I can agree with that. Throw Dokkalfar in and Elwyn for good measure and you’ve got a team that’d be funnier to fight than a level 1 Peasant.

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i had a use for dokkalfar until i realized the +1 magic to boost his spawn was pointless as it don’t increase and i’ve used brian the lucky and had it hit him with +5 magic a few times and never leveled the spawning spiders

Elwyn does actually do something… Rubbish but something…

Nymph has a useful effect, just over-costed and cr@p compared to Cockatrice and so on…

Skeleros is v likely to make you worse off for casting it… And is an Epic troop… And even the pun text is rubbish…

Nymph’s over shadowed by Cockatrice. They’re both the same rarity.

Elwyn’s overshadowed by Soothsayer. A troop two notches lower on the spectrum and doesn’t even intentionally do damage, but still leagues ahead useful-wise.

Skeleros is overshadowed by a freakin’ Common Skeleton. Because Skeleton almost guarantees good damage, at a low price, and a buff that guarantees first slot striking. Skeleros throws bones and then falls apart on the board.

It’s really all a matter of what they offer that determines their worth, and their counterparts usually do it better, for cheaper, and overall more efficiently. In other words, they don’t suck because of what they do, but because of how much better another can do it.

Which is why I can still say that Poison Master is still the semi-arguably absolute worst. (Even Ogre makes up for itself in stats.) Thank you and goodnight everybody!

skeleros power doesn’t even work with hunters mark.

The last info we received on this troop was:

So ye, don’t get your hopes up :frowning: