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Skeleros on PS4 - Leveling

Alright, just got Skeleros on ps4 and I’m a bit confused. He has a static (seemingly) ability of doubling the amount of skulls on the board.

However if you go to the level up tab and push it to level 18 it says he gets a magic of +1… I don’t get what his magic could boost to (it says it goes from magic of 2, to 3). Does it change it to tripling the number of skulls on the board? Would love to know and don’t want to spend 5000 souls just to find out in case it’s a glitch

While he does gain Magic at levels 18 and 20 (at least those are the only 2 he’s suppose to gain them at), it has no bearing on his effect. He just doubles the number of skulls currently on the board.

Well that’s dumb, and misleading. It shouldn’t say he gains magic if it changes nothing with his abilities… error?

Superfluous that’s all. There’s nothing in the description that even remotely looks like there’s something magic based. It’s like that on the pc version as well