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Buff Elwyn (15chars)

Im not for powercreep and you all know that but comparatively especially Elwyn should get more dmg for yellows hit. 1:1 really doesnt cut it, hes an epic for heck sake and deals less dmg than any and all ultra rare bonus dmg cards. Devs please atleast make it 2x … If not 3.

The problem is the original Troops are balanced for a different game than the current environment.

It’s not just the guitar man that needs some “tuning”

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I know that but appart from devour + deathmark vs impervious dumbdown theres not much devs have to or would want to revert.

@wskill you may want to join the A-Z The Great Troop Buff A-Z thread thread, though it won’t get to Elwyn for a while!

Had that 1 in mind before i made this thread but couldnt find it and yeah that thread will take ages to reach Elwyn w everyone wanting to chip in on every individual card creating sub discussions lol.

If anyone needs fixing its Psion…hes a Legendary and hes horrendous.

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This is the Elwyn thread.

Yeah Dokkalfar could really use a buff as well. Can’t wait til they get to that one on the A-Z thread.


Plus he plays some kind of lute yet when his spell is cast it sounds like an electric guitar! I know it’s a power cord, but give the guy a flying V if that’s what’s required. Turn it up to 11. It’s one louder you know.

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And psion is a damn sight better than Gar nok!
Whenever I have a use yellow troops task, I always pull out old elwyn, he’s kinda fun.