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Stop Event Points dropping

Please make Event Points stop dropping once the last stage is reached.

Personally I’m more interested in “please make the thing that counts event points work consistently, it’s been broken for at least two weeks.”

If they try to write the feature you request today, it won’t work because periodically the thing that counts event points decides you have 0. So if it’s checking to see if you need event points, it will see you have 0 and decide to give you event points.

Worse, invariably, the devs will accidentally check the wrong number and instead look at your gold count or your total number of troops or the number of times you’ve typed the letter “g” this session in chat. That means many people will stop getting event gems when they’re supposed to. It might even end up like the “how much money do you owe us” glitch and they’ll store event gems in two or more different formats, so sometimes they think you have 50 gems, other times 5.0, and other times 87,382, all when the number is supposed to be “7”.

So it’s better to fix “the thing that counts event gems” first.