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[Investigating] Class Event Points Bug

I’ve noticed for weeks now that the class events points are not adding up correctly.

With the class event points, if you have a troop die, than your points will be lowered as a result.

I didn’t have any die. The point difference is off by 30.

Point difference to who?

You havent provided any info to help with the bug or to back anything up.

It has been like that since forever Wrong points for Class event battles
But since everyone is getting the same wrong points, I guess its not a big deal in the devs eyes?

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It helps if it’s actually put in the bug report section where I’ll see it.

Will investigate this.

@NoCrbnRqred if the link @noob shared isn’t the issue you’re talking about please provide more information. ie. where are you checking your scores, what scores are they? what team are you using, can you give me a rough time/day you last had this issue so I can check your logs?

Sorry didn’t know how to report bug. The bug is that all the scoring beyond level 5 is added up wrong. For example at the end of level 6 the total score should be 1122 (perfect run), mine was 1072, level 7 should be 1484, mine was 1334.