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Wrong points for Class event battles

I started at 4047 points

did a battle for 82 points . no losses.



i ended up with 4099. thats about 50 points. am i missing something or are we all missing points



Just to be sure…



85 point battle only 54 points



Broken since the very start of class event. 85 = 55. 82 = 52. and 80 = 50.
About your 54 points in place of 85, you must have lost a troop because 85 points give 55 points.

Its hard to believe that they have not fixed that in last update…well there is a translation mistake in the daily task that I told the devs since 1 and a half year and 3 or 4 updates later its still not fixed so nothing surprise me anymore in this game.

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Noticed this bug as well… wish it was fixed and people warned until then.
Players may have extra sigils after finishing round 8. No reason to finish those sigils unless it is possible to reach top 100. Since we are only getting 2/3 of the listed points we can assume it is possible, and fight a number of fights in vain.