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Show Event points on the main screen, on the top right corner

I’m re-posting this here from Steam discussions, because I’ve been advised to do so. Hope it’s ok :slight_smile:

I can see money, glory, souls, etc, but not event points.

Everytime I need to check how many are left for next reward, I need to do a lot of clicks.

Another very useful thing could be showing also how many left for the next reward.


21/30 -> meaning i have 21 and i need to get to 30 for the reward. And when I get to 30, it should change to 30/60 for example.



Excellent idea. The current place where it is very inconvenient for a simple progress check - click events, click on the second tab, scroll all the way to the end and then click on that (then see that your progress has been reset to 0 due to the bug, back out, go to the chests screen, open one gold chest, back out to the map again, click events, click the second tab, scroll all the way to the end and click the last category). That could be in a better place as well (and also the bug is super annoying).