REQUEST: Hold off on summoning events until it works properly

As everyone probably knows, summoning for event points has a few issues, including this one:

I’ve been getting other issues, like the first Baby Dragon summoned by Dragon Eggs not giving me an event point (team started full, summomned Baby Dragon after devouring the first character - a Siren - with my Black Beast), while other people reported in chat that Dragon Eggs’ trait that makes they respawn as a Baby Dragon doesn’t give them a point, either (it did give me that point everytime it happened, though).

There are possibly more bugs like these. All in all, I must’ve lost about 20 event points by now, which sucks. If I make tons of event points on long matches, that’s a small problem (let’s say I can get 25 points in long matches, the -1 would require me to play 5 matches - one shorter - instead of 4), but if I’m usually trying to get faster matches and about 1 point per match, that’s a huge problem (if I get 1 point per match, reaching 100 would take 100 matches, but it would never be reached with the -1), even if the requirements are lower.

So I’d like to suggest you, devs, to avoid having summoning events until it’s guaranteed to work properly.



I loved this event, finished it easily on Monday. I did not encounter any glitches.

Its not that I don’t respect your opinion, I just think you are wrong.


I don’t see your love of this event and @MakoSipper’s request as mutually exclusive. I think the event would have been even more fun if it worked 100% correctly (though I do suspect the devs would have increased the required number of event frags if summoning was working properly). :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, we’re not going to organise any more summon events until the bug causing summons to not work correctly during Summoning Events is fixed.

We’re hoping the fix will be in the next update.


It’s not about an opinion. I don’t exactly dislike the event (not a huge fan like you, either), and I’ve completed it, too (not on Monday, though).

The bugs are there and it’s frustrating to do it right and not be rewarded