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Stirrings from the Deep

I haven’t been active around here or checked in for a while, but today I decided to take a peep at this forum and found that one of my posts in a thread a while back got 25 likes or clicks or whatever and I got a badge for it. That was nice, but it had me re-reading the entire thread.

While browsing over words typed eons ago by those that I hold in high esteem, I started to realize once again that I miss this community, and those in it. Something odd seems to have happened and one of the people I was reading quotes from, who I will refrain from naming due to my cautious nature, had all their posts deleted and their icon completely removed? Wild.

Anyway, I have awoken from the crypts deep under Whitehelm once more with a single goal in mind. I will consume the knowledge pertaining to what has transpired in my absence. I miss you guys.

I wonder if I still have my title…

Anyway, tl;dr version: “Yo fam wut up?”

Edit: Did the devs just make a MLP reference with the most recent troop announcement post? Nice!


Kuro!!! <3<3<3<4<3

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Zuboki! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I missed you! How’ve things been?

Welcome back! Lots has happened, I hope you’re hungry for knowledge!

Also check out the Lorekeeper stuff Sirrian is doing lately! https://community.gemsofwar.com/c/lorekeeper

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So many things have happened! What do you think of the changes @Kurokazna?

Hey welcome back @Kurokazna

I will preface this with the fact that I absolutely love this game and its community, and always have. However, I found that a lot of the issues I had when I left weren’t really addressed. There’s loads and loads of new content, and it all looks so exciting, but at the same time, troop interactions don’t mean a damn thing, no matter how awesome they are, if you’re still capable of getting a turn one five-match into a Valkyrie, Green Seer, or Giant Spider, then just loop enemies to death.

I found my mistakes were punished a lot more harshly, and any time I didn’t keep up my looping properly, I got summarily annihilated. Unless, that was, I was using Justice and had all of my troops at near 200 HP. So, on the right track, and I think I had my first legitimate loss to something that wasn’t RNG-based or a misclick in a very, very long time.

There’s also the issue that sealed the deal on me leaving in the first place, which is defense teams that are intended to lose. People just throw four Fire Bombs into a defense loadout and suicide to get revenge wins. And there seems to be nothing to penalize them for this? Still? And in some way it’s incentivized because revenge opponents?

Basically, I’m still rather unimpressed with late game play, and quickly burnt myself out on it after a streak of something like ten wins interrupted by a single misclick, then the one time I legitimately got outplayed by the AI. I wish I could remember what the team was, but I still don’t know newer troop names.

On more positive notes, Guild Wars seem to be an amazing addition, even though I haven’t messed with them much. More minigames? That sounds fantastic! The whole game’s look has been changed, and while it’s really jarring with how different it is, I think I still prefer the new look.

This game looks amazing and there are so many more layers of complexity and interaction, it’s wonderful! However, the crippling problems of late game still exist, and stand in the way of me really getting too far back into this. I did, however, give it a good solid try, and even though I’m not going to stick around for long, myself, I’d still recommend it to a lot of my friends.

That is, if they weren’t being consumed by MonHun. Which, I admittedly have been as well. All hail the great Hammer! Praise be to the Spinny Jump!

He what!? More lore!? MORE LORE! GIVE ME ALL THE LORE, YES! I’m devouring all of this, like right now.

Heyo! Nice to see another familiar face around here! How’ve you folks been?

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