Farewell from me!

Hey gang,

Just the quick heads up, I’ll be finishing up with Gems of War and Infinity Plus Two today, moving onto new things. Forum management and social media will be looked after by @Sirrian, so if you have any issues or website bugs, please get in touch with him :slight_smile:

I’m super happy with how these new forums turned out, despite a few days of terror prior to launching them :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you all for embracing them, and helping grow the community while I’ve been here.

Good luck in your battles to come, and may your teams be victorious!


Thansk for your service to our kingdoms. :slightly_smiling:

You’ll remain a legend in the books of Krystara. You’ve done us all a great service, and may all your future ventures be as fruitful as these passed months.

Farewell, @CrowdedWorlds.

Thanks a lot for these awesome forums, and best of luck to you for any future endeavour! :slight_smile:

You’ve done an exceptional job, and I am sad to see you go.

I’d say “good luck,” but you don’t need it. Thank you, and best wishes!

Well wishes, high fives, and major thanks for all your hard work! No matter what, don’t forget to be awesome :sunglasses:

Thank you. Best luck! :blush:

Thanks and good luck in your next adventure.

Best of luck Matt!

Bye bye Crowded-nii-chan! Good luck on whatever life brings to you now!

So long and thanks for all the fish!


Any room in your suitcase for bone dragons and skeletons ?
Good luck in your future ventures !

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This is an exceptionally good community you’ve helped to build. Thanks for all you’ve done for us :slight_smile:

Goodbye, CrowdedWorlds. Thanks for everything.

Thanks for the hard work!

Thanks for everything, and may you have a delightful new adventure following your new journey.

Thank you for everything! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for these great forums!

Thanks for your prescence