Still same bugs irritating ps4 version

1: Soundclip playing during the recieving of gold is twice as loud as other soundclips and makes you turn your volume down on the tv because you dont want to get the police at your door at 2AM.

2: When canceling team selection the game freezes sometimes up to 40 seconds (ive been counting) This is by far the most annoying bug in the game still. Especially now that with the 1.0.8 patch update every match starts with your last used team selected while you might need to pick others to do challenges, well guess what thats a free 40 second wait. every-time-again.

3: Some challenges still have wrong annotations when checking their contents. For instance ‘gain 50 trophies’ turns into 0/10 when checking the challenge.

Please at the very least fix the first two, its absurd that these have survived through the 1.0.8 update process…

Sidenote: used up 360 keys (saved up prior to the patch) and didnt get a single new card (cards such as salamander etc, new batch not prior on ps4) Are they even in the game forgodsake…

-wskill. GM of botanist club.

I don’t think there are any new cards in the game (that you can obtain yet).
If you go to your troops and then filter to “show all” it shows the same cards that were already available before the patch.

As for the bugs you mentioned, the freezing when changing teams is really getting out of hand. It used to be like this already before the patch but as you mentioned, now you always start with a pre-selected team so you encounter the freezing much more often while going back to select another team.

It also happens in the troops menu by the way, when you want to switch between teams. Really annoying :confused:


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no new Units yet

Yep, exactly, that issue is imo the most important bug that needs a fix its irritative to the max.