Update bugs! and other complaints

What kind of bugs are people getting since the new update?
For me, I’ve gotten one full crash. Also, I keep losing all audio on the sound f/x. I’ll get full audio for about 10 minutes and then slowly things start to just go away, starting with creature effects all the way down to no audio even on gem matches.

Other than the bugs, I’m giving the update a fair trial. I’m pretty upset that Night Terror was changed so drastically, that pretty much destroyed my Monster team that was my main defense team that had a good success rate. I don’t understand why the devs want to completely change certain creatures, why not just make another creature with the attributes that you wanted? Night Terror was not unfair in it’s design, as you couldn’t run blue when it was on your team. Now it’s just not nearly as good, and you changed the mana of it also, so it doesn’t compliment other monsters well at all.

I have ??? Under all guild members in roster. How can mark change? We have battled and they are still there.

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Yeah, thats another bug I saw. In the guild menu, when you highlight the guild tab, you just get a series of “???” under each member’s name.

Also, mods I apologize, I didn’t see the thread Console 2.0.5 known issues had some of this stuff covered.