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Still no 4.7 update

When will this update be released? It’s now after 12pm in Europe and I still do not have the update a day later, I have reinstalled the game, I have restarted everything.
When starting the game I get the error in the picture.

What can I do?image

Be happy about it?

The 4.7 update is quite possibly the worst update in the history of the game for players…

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I have read about this, but I just want to be able to play period lol.

Is Switch in sync with other platforms now or is it (as before) on a different update schedule?

Switch is not on the same update schedule as other platforms, and it’s not actually the game’s fault. Nintendo apparently has a limit on how many updates per year they allow a game to release, and GoW releases over the limit. So sometimes, Switch players will “skip” an update and when the next update releases they get 2 updates at the same time.

I do not know the official status of the Switch release. It is not part of this team’s normal process to announce the date or platforms of releases ahead of time.

They say in this site that it will release at the same time as the Xbox and PS4, and all platforms at the same time “including Nintendo switch”.

Define “this site”. I’m looking at the patch notes and they don’t mention the Switch at all.

Do keep in mind they frequently point out once they submit a patch to a platform it’s sort of up to that platform to decide when to release it.

i think it was changed to excluding Nintendo switch. took me a simple search to find it, that doesn’t matter as much anymore, what is more important is the switch error when starting ONLY this game, and there is no error code Nintendo website for it.

Then you should change the title to “unable to access game” or submit a technical issues ticket.

I have gotten this message on startup a few times in the past (not recently though), and when I hit the cancel button (a or b, I forget what it is lol), the game still boots up as normal.

yea me too, but this time when I got it, then Gems would say that it cant access my profile or something like that and to try again later, was like that for hours.

I’d definitely submit a support ticket, if you haven’t heard from the support team yet.