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Where is the SWITCH update?

??? It was previously communicated that switch would get updates for every 2 PC updates.

So we were expecting both 4.7 and 4.75 when PC went to 4.7.5. That was yesterday?

Why is communicating with the switch playerbase so difficult???

Lets be honest. The switch playerbase’s confidence in the devs is not currently at a all time high with the last guild war fiasco/disaster…

Do you guys even care about switch players?

Hey @Hoots711 I’m very sorry if there’s been a miscommunication but we’ve never said the Switch would get every 2nd update - if a Dev said that it was a mistake, or maybe they said “roughly” every 2 updates? Whatever the reason I’m sorry for the misunderstanding/miscommunication.

Unfortunately, we’re limited in how often and how many updates we can release on Switch which is why the update schedule on Switch isn’t synced with our other platforms. It would be much easier for us as well if we could update Switch on the same schedule as the others too.

The next update for Switch will be 4.8.

We publish the next version number for Switch in this article here at the bottom of the article:

If you follow the article you’ll be notified of any changes to it as well.
This is how we also let the other platforms know the next version number they’re to expect as well.

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Thanks for the clarity @Kafka !!!

Yes, all of us who have followed this game on switch now know of the mysterious Nintendo patch restrictions, and while that does give you guys a sort of “blanket pass” on the updates it does not stop you from communicating with us!! Please keep that in mind going forward!

Most of the frustration i see, and experience myself, is not being behind on patches (we understand the restrictions), It is the total lack of communication or schedule in regards to the switch console!

Anyway, thanks for clearing up the “every two” updates as that is all the info i had previously received.

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How would you like to see us communicate which patch Switch will be getting next better?
And what other things would you like us to communicate better specifically with Switch players?

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I think something as simple as putting a note at the end of official patch announcements saying what the next version number for Switch will be would address this issue. We generally have no idea when things are coming, and the few times I’ve seen this been asked on the streams have gone unanswered.

In general, I just think there’s lingering resentment about the GW daily awards fiasco. Communication has been ok otherwise, but that was a tough pill for Switch players to swallow.


“Every 2 updates” was from Salty - and I believe when I asked her about this a few weeks ago on stream she did say that 4.7.5 should be the next Switch update accordingly, though I don’t remember the exact wording of the answer. It’s something I’ve tried to get clear info on when possible, but clearly the system of “one person asks on a dev stream, communicates the answer as they understand it through their Discord servers, and whatever everyone else hears amounts to a game of Telephone”, does not work.

We need clearer communication. The way things have been lately (especially since the Guild Wars issue and the lack of even partial compensation), the feeling in the community has been that you don’t particularly care about the Switch version or its player base. My fear is that more people seem to be quitting because of that feeling, which would in turn make Switch an even smaller and more overlooked/ignored platform for Gems of War, which would make more people quit, and so on… There needs to be enough effort to keep the player base active and growing, and not resentful.

I think for starters, any patch that is on Switch should have the Switch release explicitly mentioned in the patch notes, and this mention should include links to all the preceding patch notes that are also being bundled in and hence relevant for Switch players. For example, the 4.8 patch notes would have a brief paragraph on the Switch version that also links to the notes for 4.7 and 4.7.5. That would make it a lot easier for people to get first-hand info on what’s changing for us.

I might come back later with a few more thoughts, but that’s what stands out the most in my mind right now.

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Delaying evil patch let me play the game longer then expected, so: :shushing_face:
I wouldn’t mind if they completely “forget” future switch patches…

@Kafka in short… just let us know what you know, when you know… (so easy, right?)

For example, was 4.7-4.7.5-4.8(switch) plan in place at the release of 4.7? Or do bug fixes and time constraints more so determine the schedule?

Agree w above posters! In every patch announcement please end w any info available about switch. (Next switch update currently not planned, next switch update planned for next update, etc. Etc.) Planned isnt set in stone of course but it will let the switch base know we are in the plans!

And the telephone game @Evelyn described is very accurate… stream questions/answers is not a great communication method. Too much room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Every 2 updates is a perfect example.


So I guess along with “we still get 1500 seals per week while everyone gets 2000”, and “we didn’t even get our daily victory seals from the last guild war”, we can add this to the list of ways in which Switch players are materially hurt by being behind.

Again, I know it’s not possible to release every update on Switch. But I wish it felt like we had anything to make up for these losses. Maybe a Lunar New Year gem gift or free flash offer or something?

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Oh, hey, this is something weird that might be of interest. Wasn’t it stated that special event adventure board tasks would replace the leftmost task? In fact the opposite has happened. On Switch today we have the same two Dig for Gems tasks, but also “Mine for Jewel Shards”, an Ultra-Rare task, as the rightmost task. If the leftmost task were being replaced, other platforms would have the jewel shards task, and not Dig for Gems I. Is this a bug or the intended behaviour?