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When is the update for the switch happening?*:interrobang::question::grey_question: You keep telling us soon but…:question::canada::gem_skull::gem_blue::gem_brown::gem_doomskull::gem_green::gem_purple::gem_red::gem_yellow:

No. They told us 4.6 will never happen but the next one after it because Nintendo limits allowed number of updates (or something like that).

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Was wondering about this myself; 4.5 was clearly an outlier (kind of a relief).

you’ll get the update about the same time our next update comes out. its one of those they’ll package more stuff in your updates at once kind of thing.

So in other words we have to wait till 4.7 or later to get the 4.6 update along with all new extras?

Im not a 505/IP2 representative, but I think you might get it with the 4.6.5 update

No. Switch users will get 4.6.5


  • We don’t know exactly what you will get or when, but it seems like their goal is to try and keep you at feature parity when you do get an update.
  • This is happening not because they are lazy or don’t like Switch, but because Nintendo sets a hard limit on how many updates a game may publish in a year.
  • It took way too long for us to learn the second point, but it’s possible they weren’t sure if it was an aspect of the agreement they were allowed to discuss.
  • Releasing software on consoles sucks.