Update 7.1

@Bramble @Kafka @Nimhain @Jeto When gets Switch the 7.1 update? Please Answer me!!


Some response on this issue would be fantastic


They’re rolling out compensation and trying to ease tension with other players on an assortment of other issues.

Over here in Nintendo switch land, we’re probably at the end of their list of priorities.

Let’s give them a break and let them sort out this mess. It’s unprofessional for them to disregard us, but I’m used to it. (It’s not that much of an update anyway tbh unless u like spending more money)


Don’t they usually say when Switch will get the update “at a later date”? (Which is usually about 4-5 weeks from PC)


Switch players have no raid boss or invasion events since 7.0 launched. It’s now behind on weapons that should have been released on a schedule. They created this issue and then chose to ignore it in 7.1 which they said would be addressed.


What more can we do other than post issues like these in forums or submit support tickets and wait?

This game has the support for live services to fix issues with support tickets, but from my experience, I just try to be patient because getting upset over stuff like this is not worth it.

This isn’t even getting into all of the other issues we have which includes the following:

•the missing 32 kingdom exclusive weapons that were locked by money offers and now unobtainable
•bugged daily deals that do NOT help with kingdom progress and was NOT fixed
•missed out on an adana legends reborn event when other platforms had access to it (might have it planned for the future but idk)
•no word on “the tower” or “strength” being available from the vault

That’s as far as I’ll go before I get ahead of myself. I wish they would just fix existing issues and smooth out the gameplay instead of rushing out these monetized patches with little consideration. They always have to fix new things on top of the old things, and it’s just a big mess with every patch they come out with.

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