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Still Curious why Rarity doesn't matter anymore

To have Cedric and Heart of Rage both be Legendary Rarity but definitely immensely different drop rates. Begs the question. Why are they the same Base Rarity?

If Rarity doesn’t indicate drop rate. Then what does it represent? It sure as hell isn’t quality/power of the troop. 🤷

@Sirrian if 505 allows you any visitation time. I think your community deserves an explanation why your base rules just no longer matter.

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I dropped over 250 and came out without a HoR but a comparison to Cedric might not be fair. He drops far more often than any of the common troops in the vault pool and I don’t feel like we complained about this to the same degree back then.

I havent even seen a Cedric for a long time (not that I need Cedric)… and this rarer. Its killing me.

You did not know we were playing yugioh?

What you mean?

Their rarities have no meaning. They make commons that are rarer than secret rares within the same set.

They call certain cards short prints after the fact. I call it stupid.