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Steam Summer Sale won't include GoW

Begins tomorrow. The GoW starter pack DLC will not be on sale, because… there is no starter pack DLC. :slight_smile: A nudge to the powers that be to remind them the Steam store page hasn’t yet been updated to reflect the release of 2.0, and there will be extra visibility during the sale period (two weeks).

For my part I won’t be buying anything, my 2900 other Steam games are already complaining about being neglected.

Unless I’m missing something… a news post with the 2.0 patch notes is on the Steam Store page.

I think the issue is that they don’t have anything in the Steam store to discount. If they had a starter pack as Steam DLC then they could put it on sale and get included.

Yes, there are patch notes, but if you look at the screen captures they are obsolete, especially the map.

Putting something in Steam would be an excellent idea.

The TCG game I was playing shortly before I found this - the one that pretty much imploded - has undergone new development for most of this year and is supposedly getting better. I’ll believe that when I see the steam charts go higher than the last 18 months’ numbers… anyhow they’ve gone and put in a couple of starter packs at something that ends up looking like 100-1000x value or so. And people on the forum there are pretty pleased, with the added bonus that they (the veterans, not the devs) don’t think it even breaks the game’s economy.

Even more important with the summer sale approaching.

Another thing is that it is quite easy to make that a ‘once-only’ thing to prevent abuse.

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It’s decided! @Sirrian, make it so! :yum:

@Sirrian Please release DLCs in steam GoW!


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Why not dlc that effects how gems look?