Steam's Summer Sale

I’m sure many of you have already noticed, but Gems of War is a part of Steam’s Summer Sale!

You can pick up the Starter Bundle and Demon Hunter Bundle for half price!

If you end up picking up either of these bundles, let us know.


I have both! Why? Is there some kind of prize? xD

Also, A LOT of people got the Demon Hunter Bundle for free from about 2 weeks ago.


Yup, I got the Demon Hunter Bundle for a dollar or so with the Humble Bundle. Still… I might get the Starter Bundle… :thinking:

I take issue with Desdaemona being marketed as ‘exclusive’, we know she’s totally not lol.


Where is the Orc Hunter Bundle? We all know that Dark Song is NOT an Orc Slayer :flushed: She is infiltrated…