Let's get Steam to 70%+ in reviews! (WE did it! ^_^)

After a conversation with one of the devs today, that I thought was an April Fool’s joke, I have become a moderator on the Gems of War Steam forum. As my first order of business, I want to get Gems of War out of the red reviews. The store page for GoW on Steam is at 69%. This displays in red text as a “Mixed” reviewed game. This can be a large deterrent for a F2P game on Steam. As soon as it gets 1% more positive reviews it will become listed in blue text as “Mostly Positive.”

Anyone that has a Steam account, please go to Gems of War - Puzzle RPG on Steam and leave your feelings about the game as a positive review. This will help greatly in getting a larger PC player base.

Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:


FYI, this was started before the recent update stemming from this thread: Why does this game have so many bad reviews on Steam?

Looks like it was at 67% then and we got it to 69%. Let’s hope this time it’s a success :slight_smile:


iwrote a review of this game so long ago that i forgot that i posted one.


I know. That was actually the thread that got me to become moderator. That, and the fact that I am on the Steam GoW forum a lot since it launched back in November, 2014.


just left one. hopefully it helps. Love the game!!


Finally left mine also!


Over 1500 hours on Steam alone; surprised I haven’t done a review before now. :neutral_face:


Took me awhile to word everything I felt was important to newcomers, but my review has finally been made.

I look forward to the moment we reach that 70%!


Since my last post on this, there’s been a big improvement. We now need 43 more positive reviews to hit 70% - halfway there in only a month. :smiley:

For reference, currently 1,038 positive and 463 negative.


I did one…

@Shimrra @esslee @eika?


I don’t play Steam at all, but I still made an account to specifically leave a review.


Done! :slight_smile: :relieved:

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Can I suggest the TRADITIONAL way? Now really. Make the game (more) fun. Then good reviews will follow.

Just on this forum it’s easy to find over 100 improvement requests on all the aspects.

If dev resources were put against the stuff people request (mostly because it hurts everyday life) instead of implementing questionable features in a completely braindead way (like the recent so-called “chat”) we might have been there already.

You can start with trivialia like option to kill all animations in and out of game.


I had forgotten to leave a review because i never get on the steam portion of the game. I had left one on google play at one time. so it was nice to remind people :slight_smile:

most of the improvement requests are just that - future posts that are hopeful. not that the game isnt fun but something we thought might make it even better. getting the slow option was put in pretty quick when animation speeds were increased before.

as for the brain dead manner, people were really really asking for chat changes, but guild changes arent going to happen until next patch, the devs thought they would add something immediately that would be useful. It is WAY better than before. players were this patch, guilds next patch, they already have plans for the patch after that.

i like that the devs announced a trait while it was being worked and they changed it based on people’s concerns, even before the patch!

from what i understand, the animations are actually quite hard to change because of using adobe air which works on apple, android, and pc.

If you look, most of the negative reviews are from late 2014 when the game launched. Most of the recent reviews are positive, certainly more than 70%. The devs HAVE improved the game based on user feedback. The problem is that reviewers don’t give second chances.

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1.0.9 = Heroes
2.0.0 = Battles
2.0.1 = Guilds

Sorry, guilds isn’t the next patch, it’s the patch after.

darn it… was going from memory instead of taking the time to look it up… Oh well. its still planned though!

Done :sunglasses:

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It seems 70% may take a while. 2 negative reviews were just added. It takes 3 positive reviews to outpace each down vote. It will get there eventually. Biggest complaint these days on Steam seems to be “too grindy”.

I agreed on that point. By the time I get enough minors/runics/arcanes/souls to upgrade a troop, two more troops get added to the game.