Buying via Google or Steam?

Im wondering should i buy google play gift card and do in gow purchase from android, or should i do buy a gift card for steam and do the gow purchase from there?

the differences:

  • in google play both the gift card and gow purchase is done in polish currency (PLN)
  • in steam the gift card is purchased in PLN - but then steam will either recalculate it to euro or £ or leave it in pln (i have no idea didnt do that ever yet, for now it displays me 0£) and then the gow purcahse from steam will be done via euro

my main concern is will i pay more using either of the choices? :confused: (considering only the amount taken for gow purchase )

ps. the crescendo

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heh heh :+1: I wouldn’t be surprised if this week’s weapon sale is the biggest influx of $$ in months. Everyone is buying it. Bought 1 myself.


Honestly I don’t know the answer for this properly. But when I was in Japan and had the prices in Yen on the playstore, but (I assume US)$ on Steam the prices weren’t exactly equivalent, due to exchange rates. I believe the prices themselves are set by the publisher, albeit with some input from IP2. My guess is they have a base (eg weapon packs are $5 USD) and convert to a foreign currency from that for google play prices.

In short, I don’t know which is cheaper, but if you want to be sure exactly how much you’re paying, go with the Google Play one.

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at least does anyone have an idea what happens when first time putting money in steam account?

will it accept the local currency and save it in the steam wallet in the local currency or automatically convert it to some default steam currency?

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Hope this helps:


It charges you in Euro - at least that’s what happened to me. Then your bank converts it using their exchange rate and commission. I’m talking about credit card charging here.

thank you @MineralsMan and @GemsCollector

then i am guessing ill pay less using android since its one conversion less

polish-> dollar gow price


polish-> euro steam price -> dollar gow price

Phew! got my Crescendo! :heartpulse:

im not a vip 0 anymore, feels confusing :sweat_smile:
now ppl may not believe me when i say it is not a p2w game :sweat_smile: haha