What currency are in-app purchases in?

Canadian here playing on iOS. When I look at the shop, are the dollars quoted in Canadian funds or AUD? I am tempted to spend some real-world funds on the new Armour pack and it’s quoted at $69.99. A friend, also in Canada, just purchased this via Steam for the same price but when purchased, it converted to $66 CAD.

Does the OS drive the currency?

I’m Canadian and on the PS4. The only real money I spent was on the $4.99 Obsidian bundle to get a good EXP+ armor and there was no conversion.

OS certainly changes the currency for me. I have AUD (because I’m in Australia) on Android, but USD on Steam (because Steam refuses to acknowledge my currency :frowning: ).

I’m in Canada too and on my Android phone I get prices in Canadian funds. But as @actreal said when I play on the pc through Steam my purchases are shown in the shop in US funds. When I purchased a $50 pack I am charged in Canadian funds of $66 this event. And I have noticed that the price fluctuates with the Cdn vs US dollar pricing. I’ve paid $72 Cdn for a $50 pack in the past.

Currently currencies on Android/iOS should be in the country store your account is registered under.

On Steam it is all in USD. Steam only supports limited currencies and we’d also have to do our own currency conversion, which we’d rather stay away from at the moment as the exchange rates fluctuate all the time. We wont rule it out in the future though.

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Ok thanks all, it seems it’s due to Steam only functioning in USD. Makes sense now. Thanks!