Currency Conversion

Can’t help but feel I’m getting stiffed here. What’s the USD equivalent like in your country?



If you buy it from steam it’s actually 7.60 GBP.

Really can’t understand the difference but i’ve known about that since before introducing raids/ invasions (my last purchase)!

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Good to know, thanks! So it’s a Google Play thing not a 505/IP2 thing

Your price includes VAT I bet…

So there’s no VAT on steam?

It does indeed. Does the USA price not include sales tax?

It does not. At least, it didn’t the last time I bought something.

Edit: take heart, though. In about a month the value of the pound might plummet, and your £9 flash offer might translate to 8 bucks or less!

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US price doesn’t include state or local tax, and we have no national sales tax. So your prices should be 20% higher just to cover VAT.

Was this the Droid you were looking for?

@Starlite you posted on my discord that it was only $2 for you???

Nope. A$15 or US$10, depending which platform I’m on.

What I meant was that I would only think it good value if it were $2.

That’s partly due to restricted income at the moment, partly because I can buy an entire AAA game for $20 if I wait 12 months (roughly speaking).

Ah well. I’m not the one doing their figures. :slight_smile:

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