Starter Chest for New players!


Should we have add more a chest (call Starter chest) on Shop area?
The chest will include traits:

  • Many suitable troops for new player
  • Many souls + glory + maps
  • Many kind of each traitstones (only for minor, major, runic and arcane)
  • The chest have a limit level to open (1-30 level which new players quite understand game)

This chest will be more interesting and encourage new players come the game. And more thing, the chest will help them narrow the gap quickly to other old players.


I really like this idea! Though possibly the quantities could be tweaked a little bit. Also putting something in the shop (assumedly for real cash) and then limit it to under level 30 could possibly be seen as a move to rush players into spending money on the game before they might be ready to do so.

However I do agree that a pack of “recommended” troops and maybe a couple traits stones for their first trait, might be a good starter set. Souls are not so much required since the quests early on are low level, and the traits will help a bit as well.

Possible cards to be included:
Valkyrie (helps with Soul farming)
Alchemist (helps with Gold, and pairs well with Valk)
Skeleton (Decent early game skull generator)
Dark Master (His ability is quite powerful at lower levels, but doesn’t scale damage wise)


They have the Starter Packs. Otherwise it seems like you’re just saying “take all the bad stuff out of the things” which is really bad for business.


@ Ozball : Yes, that card is very necessary for new players

@ Studs: I dont think so. Why dont u think that is the way they give 1 but get back 10 :slight_smile:


@KubiKibu, Don’t put a space after the @, then you can tag them.


If there is a starter chest then have it contain tyri…i know you can get tyri from a quest but still.


yeah Tyri would be good start out char. maps early on can give you everything you need at lower levels


oh idk that. Thanks!