Standard balancing whining thread

Communist dystopia nightmare is happening. Gem-creating legendaries are now diluted down to the level of bottom tier gem creators. Significantly lowered chance of 4-matching on gem creation doesn’t really cost me rounds, just has turned my fastest teams into average-at-best speed teams. :frowning:

I don’t have a solution. I just wanted to whine.

Also, goblin shaman should be elevated to legendary, since it’s now by far the most powerful gem creator in game. lol



+1 on goblin shaman being a legendary.

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OMG QQ goblin shaman OP. Nerf immediately :hushed:

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That’s how it’s been working lately. XD


He does make as many gems as legendaries now, except with a guaranteed extra turn, for less mana than said legendaries.

I would rather see a small upward tweak for legendaries. Sheggra is about 50/50 on completely hosing me without waiting for a guaranteed 4 match opportunity. Bone dragon seems to be 50/50 on ruining me no matter how well the board is setup for him.

whine whine whine loloo

Or maybe Shamwow Goblin could be reduced to Rock Worm levels of gem creation. Still an extra turn, hardly OP, could work if it wasn’t for the fact that the QQ’ing levels would reach sea levels of salt.

As for the legends, these changes do not effect their status except for maybe Jarl Hotdogcoater

QQ RIP gem creators :frowning:

Time to find more Green Seer / Valkyrie / Alchemist builds :confused:

WTB: Green Seer !!! Why can’t we trade cards damn it …


You can whine if you want, but it’s a great demonstration that the Infinite team is listening to this forum.
People are always complaining about a build or another (sometime they’re even right).
The first nerf I remember was Sheggra… That almost made me cried… She was VERY powerful in heir prime.
Then there was the paladin nerf… But, those righteous bunch deserved it! They kept killing any legendary in one attack!
The rock wyrm then had a taste of it… Some crybaby was complaining he couldn’t even play once!
The vampires also suffered… Lady Saphira and her lover the crimson bat… Ah! Crimson Bat! you made short work of a whole team back then!

They’re not always good nerf, but most of the time they restore balance… Thanks guys!

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I know; I know. While I am whining, I understand the thinking behind the changes.

The only thing I really don’t like is that legendaries are feeling less and less legendary. It’s a fine line to walk for the devs: Leave them too powerful and run off every new player who doesn’t yet have any and can’t beat legendary teams without them. Nerf them down too far and there’s no point to having rarity tiers in the first place.

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Honestly I think they are doing a good job with game balance. Sure there are some legendaries that could use some more love to feel a little more “Legendary” but I think every troop actually ends up being looked at and brought to what the designers envisioned as their goal for that troop.

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My paladin still does that. In his free-time he’s killing legendaries like nothing :laughing: