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Spring Imp? Length of time and which chests founf in?

How long is he in the chests for? (and which chests?) Well I mean I’m guessing until Summer but did we have a exact date. Usually I wouldn’t care but the advertisement in the game made me intrested (in him).


Each imp rotates through two months at a time: Imp of Love Feb/March; Spring is April/May; Summer is June/July; Autumnal is August/Sept; Spooky is Oct/Nov; Winter is Dec/Jan. Imps can be found in Glory, Gem or VIP chests (or in Guild chests if you have at least 5,000 or 10,000 seals - at whichever point Legendary troops become available).

Also, any Imp has a chance of appearing as a craftable troop in the Soulforge and any Imp can appear as a reward in a Legendary Guild task (regardless of season).