When will Spooky Imp appear?


Been waiting for the Halloween Imp to show - anyone know when it makes an appearance? I have all the seasonal imps except him.


Should be in chests now:


Thank you! I totally missed that guide.


Spooky imp won’t be in chests until Monday October 1st


Derp. I should probably actually check the date before I say anything. Yes, that’s correct.


I figured it out. I thought maybe you may be in a different time zone. lol :smile:


What kind(s) of chests will he appear in?


Glory chests or better.


We just pulled him in a legendary task!

Maybe your guild will get lucky and pull him too. Good luck!


Got him from a Glory Chest!


Yeah we just got one from a task too… maybe there’s a rush on them…


Also imps can come from legendary tasks any time of year, just a fyi.


I knew that.

I was just letting him know as I seen it wasn’t mentioned in the thread yet and coincidentally we just pulled him today.

Thanks anyways though. :+1: