Where do I get the Spring Imp?

So, apparently there is some sort of Spring Imp event? Where do I get one? The News screen is not helpful. At all.

And clicking the To Battle! button doesn’t help, either.

Is it in any chests? Event chests only? Where?

Please improve this. Perhaps the encircled bit shown below could be replaced with something more informative?

Thank you for your consideration.

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All chests that can give you legenday units, except Event.

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Word of caution, this news is likely outdated, even though it still shows up. Each of the six imps is around for two months, you’ll probably pull Summer Imp as of beginning of June.

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I always found the in-game infos given (not only about the imps) lacking.
Why not, for example, add the current imp infor to the event tab, there is only 3 tabs used so plenty of space, giving info which imp is in chests, clarify in which chests as well as the time left.

I really dislike things like “soon” or the imp thing, “last chance”. Same with “troop will be added to chests in 3-4 weeks” way? is there something wrong with picking a clear 3 OR 4?

This may help ppl about the imps a bit:

Sometimes it seems it gets changed on the 1st of a new month but sometimes it gets delayed to a friday so ppl pulling for the new mythic get the next seasonal imp.

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Unless you’re a Completist who needs every troop in the game at max level, I wouldn’t worry about it.

It’s not particularly great and doesn’t limit any Kingdom development.

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