Spring has sprung Summer is coming Got reqs? NOT US


The Guilds of Olympia believe people have lives and that comes first. We strive to provide a Guild “home” to every player regardless of level or current capabilities in a supportive, positive, and DRAMA FREE guild. We value people first along with teamwork and collaboration. We don’t have requirements we don’t need them. We finish tasks, max seals, keep our guilds moving in global ranks. We believe this is a game and should be a place you WANT to come to for a bit of relaxation, some commradery, and fun. We have incredible resources available for the newest player all the way to end gamers. Currently, we have 2 guilds. Ares and Athena, the original guild, Guild Level 276, Guardian Levels from 79-88, Global Rank 61, GW Bracket 46 is our Guild for developing players. In Ares you will learn how to master the game and fulfill all your game goals. Apollo and Artemis is home to our elite group. In Apollo and Artemis most players are level 1k+, Guild Tasks are done Monday morning. Several Legendary Tasks are done throughout the week. Guild Level 316, Guardian Levels 81-104, Global Rank 117, Guild Wars Bracket 18.
Let us be the last guild you ever look for.


:gem: Love being an Olympian!:gem_blue: Look forward to bringing in some more gods!:gem_skull:


Gonna BUMP



Hi, I’m returning to the game after a long hiatus, and I’m looking for a guild to help catch up on all the new things! I’m definitely not an elite, endgame player - so the development guilds you’ve mentioned sound like a good fit. What information do you need?


Just an invite code for now.





Fabulous. Just your invite code will be great then I’ll get an invite out right away


Looks like your code is for PC/mobile.


Oh, is the game not cross-platform in that way? I didn’t notice what forum this was in until you mentioned that…


No cross playing yet. Thanks for your interest. Good luck in your PC search.


Sorry about that. Thanks!


Gave me something to do for a little bit, hahaha. No problem.


Any room for a new but frequent player? Started playing on Wednesday but am pretty much hooked. Thanks!


I will for sure find out.


Cheers, Pixel!


Hi Leacher. Thank you for tour interest in joining Olympia. Currently our development guild is full and I have started a waitlist. Would you like to be added to that list? Please reply with your invite code and I will get you on it.
Again Thank you
Asuna of Olympia


Ha. Took a bit to get in with these server shenanigans. LeacherCreature_YBYV


Sounds good I will add you to the wait list and follow up with you next week to check on your kingdom progress.