[Spoilers] New Geomancer class is more proof a talent rework is desperately needed

The new class Geomancer has some pretty good traits: Stoneskin (50% reduced damage from skulls) and Infuse Stone (construct allies start with 50% mana). The talent trees are Stone, Arcane, and Knowledge.

There are some great talents in those trees. Stone has Impact (stun enemies that deal skull damage to me), Rock Solid (gain barrier when matching brown gems), and Fortitude (immune to stun, poison, disease, death mark, lycanthropy, and devour), the latter being one of the best level 100 talents, if not the best.

Arcane has some good talents too. Okay, actually, in this case, it just has one. Anti-Magic sphere (20% less damage from spells). The other two useful ones here are… useless. Mage Lord (+2 magic if in last position) is useless, since Geomancer will be tanking, and Mana Source (starts with 50% mana), since the trait Infuse Stone already gives you 50% mana. Knowledge tree has Tactician (3 magic), Mentor (1 magic to everyone), and Tree of Knowledge (Enchant when matching green gems).

Every class, but especially this one, desperately needs individualized talents, because the frustration of having useless talents feels so bad. There’s no reason to have Mana Source or Mage Lord, for instance. But beyond that, think of the useless Mystic Channel and Master Builder. Mystic Channel gives Mystics 2 Magic/Life when an enemy dies. So that’s never going to be taken. How many mystic+constructs are there? Exactly five in the game (Orrery, Silent Sentinel, Ancient Golem, Void Portal, and Book of Secrets).

Master Builder – I don’t think anyone has ever taken this talent. Sure, potentially giving your team 40 total life seems big, but when you can take a talent like Fortitude instead… it’s just a no brainer, especially when the class you’re playing is a TANK.

The way class talent trees are set up right now, it’s less a choice between 3 talents, and more of “Which one can I take that actually has any benefit at all?”

For Geomancer, that’s really easy:

Level 1: Impact
Level 5: all useless unless you’re using a hammer, tome, or for some reason starting in last position
level 10: Anti-Magic Sphere
Level 20: Tactician
Level 40: Rock Solid
Level 70: Tree of Knowledge
Level 100: Fortitude

I really wish we had choices.


Hero skills are mostly useless. They’re like traits, most of them just aren’t at all relevant in battle or really worth even thinking about.

Geomancer on the other hand is actually going to be a hella good tank. Like Titan but with Stoneskin. I can forgive the duplicate and worthless skills.


Now would be a good time to release a new talent tree. 6 new kingdoms offer the devs creative endeavour.