Class talents need some reworking

The question came up in our guild that some of the classes talents should need to be reworked.
For instance the class today is Oracle. In the list of talents there are some who aren’t usefull for the type of troops in the Kingdom.
Today’s class in Oracle, the Kingdom it’s assigned to is divinion fields, now here it comes:
Talents 7 leaves the choice between:
1 all divine gain 2 life/turn
2 constructs gain 10 life
3 stryx gain 1 attack/turn
Now the result: in Divinion fields is only 1 divine, there are zero constructs and there are zero stryx.
So why is there a talent that is doing nothing for the troops of a kingdom’s troops?
This is only an example, looking through the classes talents there are other simular stupid things to find.

Now a question for the dev’s: Please make an effort to give classes talents with which the troops of the assigned kingdom can do something.


The only interesting choice Oracle has is at level 70. Every other talent level has either 1 or 0 interesting choices. It’s a bad class. Not the worst class, but it’s more like a D-grade common.

It’s not an unknown problem, we’ve been over and over and over how unsatisfying the class trees are.

I don’t like the notion, though, that every talent has to directly benefit SPECIFICALLY Divinion Fields or Centaurs. If a class can strongly synergize outside of that realm, it can be considered flexible and that’s a good thing. Unfortunately the only “flexible” talents in the trees are very limited.

In this case, it’s not “they affect the wrong thing” that makes Oracle stink. It’s “that they are garbage”. Let’s talk about just what you brought up:

  • All Divines gain 2 life/turn. The average skull/ability hit ranges from 25-30 damage. Many abilities hit multiple troops. This ability will only save you from one hit in a game that runs at least 12 turns. It’s too slow to be relevant. The only time this talent makes any sense is in conjunction with Priest, where you can gain 4+ life per turn passively and even more with the right looping team. That’s still “I can tank one skull hit per 6 turns”.
  • Constructs gain 10 life. See above. Unless you’re in Arena (where this doesn’t work anyway), there’s no scenario where you get excited about +10 life triggered once.
  • Stryx gain 1 attack per turn. If there is a skull damage Stryx team, this helps. But it’s still slow. Even if that team has damage “boosted by my attack” with a 3:1 ratio, we’re talking 4 turns before you get +10 damage.

So the only talent that could potentially present an advantage here is the Stryx one, but the team that would benefit both doesn’t exist and is blatanly OP.

That’s not “flexibility”. That’s “a victim of classes being assigned random trees that were generated with no consideration of synergy.”

I’ve got a lot more data, this is a project I’ve been working on, but something else in my life has made it unwise for me to work on that hobby project at the moment.

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I took the Oracle class as an example and I also said that many other classes could need a work over too.
The point is that if a class is assigned to a kingdom it should have at least one talent in each talentlevel that is usefull for the assigned Kingdom or type, or is that to logical? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Otherwise why assigning a class to a kingdom? :thinking:
There are a few classes which have some good level trees, me personal am a big fan of the assassinclass and I use that one very often. So if I take that one as an example I see that it is very well possible to make some good talenttrees. :grinning:
But again I think the dev’s wanted the thing in the game before they completely thought it through. But I guess that’s a bit a developers disease…. :wink:

It is logical, I think the best way for me to disagree is say I have very elaborate opinions and want to see more classes like Titan.

The kind of thing that’d make me want to build “a Centaurs team” is probably too powerful for specific hero talents. I’ve also learned that a team with one powerful troop and three mediocre troops isn’t very good. Most Kingdoms and most Creature Types can only form mediocre teams.

So for me to be interested, the devs would have to take most talents and multiply them. “All Naga allies gain 1 life each turn” is ridiculous, I don’t care. “All Naga allies gain 10 life each turn” is eyebrow-raising. But if Naga are so bad that’s what it takes, then the root problem might be “The Naga creature type is not compelling.”

Titan is “good” because I don’t care about its kingdom or creature type. Naga also like a hero with Rock Solid and Lightning Strike. I think it’s easier to design talents that make every team better than it is to try to make hero class the way to solve every mediocre filter.

We need a ton of troops to get there!