NEW CLASS - Geomancer (opinions)

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Any opinions regarding forthcoming new class - Geomancer?

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We’re finally getting a class for Constructs, meaning the Stone Slicer will get a lotta shine. Plus it comes with a 50% Mana start, which makes it even better. I’m still wondering about the Talent trees though.

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The 50% mana start for constructs is really nice, talents seem good and the class weapon doesnt seem that good. I think it has potential for sure
After examining the talents closer, they definitely seem good. If you combine geomancer with stone mastery with mountain crusher youd get MC powered up really quickly

The Stoneskin trait combined with the Stone talent tree makes it the new “best” choice if you’re going to use the Hero as a tank. It’s a slight improvement over Sentinel for that role, and I suspect it will be easier to put together a syngergystic and useful team with Constructs than it was with Urska. Add the 50% mana start to that and I think we’ve got a winner of a class, albeit one that doesn’t have as obnoxious a Trait as the 3rd trait on the Elementalist.


Geomancer will be my new go-to class for high level Delves if I’m running HKI, Zuul or something else that doesn’t depend on AOE damage. But I’d still prefer Sentinel if running an AOE damage setup, because Banishment is very useful for dealing with those annoying submerge rooms.

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Having the Arcane tree (Mana Source) and All Construct Allies start with 50% Mana is a major buzzkill.

Stone/Knowledge is already on Runepriest, so the difference between Arcane and Guardian is very minimal. Runepriest is fine, but not very exciting.

Stoneskin would have been more exciting on a hero class 3-4 years ago, but between Doomskulls and more access to Enrage, I’ve kinda stopped caring.

In most casual areas, I’m likely to stick with Titan for the Lightning Strike and Storm Aura.

In explore, I’m likely to stick with classes with damage amplifiers. (Slayer, Archer etc)

In most guild wars events, I’m likely to stick with a class with Cleanse or Freeze.

In delves, basic runs are done so quickly with Thrall/Angry Mob/Marilith (so everything but blue/yellow delves) that I’d rather have entangle than Stoneskin/Rock Solid.

This class currently exists as the class with 50% mana start, Stoneskin, Rock Solid, Self-Enchant, Fortitude and no starting storms. I don’t know where I’d want that, maybe class events?


I’ll get it to 100 then shelf it. For most of the reasons Idle One listed.