[SPOILER] New troops incoming


New troops: 2 from Broken, from 2 new kingdoms, and i don’t know


My goodness. Put up some spoiler tags please.





Loving the art work guys


I did a spoiler video saying where all of these are from and the ability for all of the next kingom’s troops if anyone is interested. I’m not allowed to post the video on the forum, but I can still post the general location of my YouTube channel of where it is. xD

It is the most recent video that starts with the title of [SPOILERS].


The first one looks like moloch’s brother. 7th one looks like ajani goldmane. One day we will get eggs.


Wow they all look awesome!


I’ve never seen so many spoilers in the same place all my life! (And I created a spoiler thread.)

I know someone’s going to mention them, but I’m still going to strongly suggest against giving any new troop’s details here. (Names, effects, colors, etc.)

Spoilers or not, that’d feel like way too much unreleased info to spoil on a forum that requested Tacet not to post spoiler threads here.


This is why we need a Spoiler folder. So those of us that want to see it don’t need to click on every line/image (when the images actually work) while those that don’t can simply hide the folder entirely.


I want the spoilers :stuck_out_tongue:
Just abstain from reading this thread and you won’t get any spoilers, so it shouldn’t affect you. Your desire to be spoiler free trumps other people’s ache for spoilers?

Plus people can spoiler tag it so no unsuspecting people will know :slight_smile:


It’s not out of concern for myself (I can look up any info I want directly from my computer), it’s out of concern for the devs. If they wanted the information available to the public, they would’ve allowed the in-game spoilers to remain.

The devs do say it’s okay to post some info so long as it’s made aware it might change and nothing’s official quite yet. At the same time, the devs have also mentioned that when someone leaked the entire Maugrim Woods storyline prior to release, that was going a little too far.

I respect the devs and I don’t want them to have to feel like holding off on even getting ready for kingdom releases until the very day they come out, it’d only slow progression of the game. No thanks.