[SPOILERS] Video: Leaked Werewolf Transformation Troop


Hello everyone! The developers are going to start showing new troops in advanced on global chat by coding them into the game then setting them to developer teams. Here are the first 2, or 3 if you count RAINBOW SNAKE, that the devs just leaked. This is a reoccurring thing they will be doing in the future to show new troops to the community prior to releasing them into the live version of the game.


I made it in one of your videos. We did it mom! Oh she’s so proud of me.


The surprise was mostly to see the new troops coming rather than a prize for defeating me.


Nimhain is SUCH a hacker~


I know. I realized that after the fact. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad all of you will be showing the troops early like that. We’ll get to see if anything is too broken or underpowered before it actually comes out. :wink:


I did not do this when the dragon kingdom came out so i will do it here, Transform (one of my many requests) has been fulfilled just like pretty much all the others in some way.