(!) Spoilers - Discuss Leaks and Potential Upcoming Content

Since the original thread was locked, this thread will continue as the new center of discussion for upcoming content.


The contents of this thread are to be considered speculation. They may or may not be based on developer streams, leaks, websites which publish and collate leaks, educated guesses based on other leaks, or pure hearsay.

This information is subject to change at any time. Data for upcoming troops has been known to change mere hours or days from release, and data which will only be relevant several months in advance is particularly volatile.

Take nothing that is stated or released in this thread as absolute fact unless it is announced by the developers in places such as the official Twitter, a developer forum account, or on the official developer Twitch streams.

Spoiler Links

Here are some useful resources made available for ease of reference.


I think making a new thread is ultimately for the best, since the old one had a really cluttered and useless original post that referenced 4-year old spoilers rather than useful resources.


Why not use the one, that was auto-opened by system ?

Because this one has a more current OP.


Two new warbands found in the spoilers:

WARBAND: DarkAssassins #3078 :blue::green: (Krystara)
Banners: [3078_BANNERNAME] :blue:++ :green:+ :brown:-

WARBAND: PoisonFangs #3079 :brown::purple: (Krystara)
Banners: [3079_BANNERNAME] :purple:++ :brown:+ :yellow:-

Very similar banners to existing ones, so nothing to get excited about. But more team slots? Yes please! No info on whether or not these will be added to the existing warbands or if they will replace 2 of the current warbands in the shop (probably the latter, if you ask me). And of course, no ETA.

Thanks to zRrr on Discord for pointing it out :slight_smile:



Some juicy new spoilers today: https://www.taransworld.com/spoilers/diff.pl?dt=2021-06-14

Looks like they’re adding 4 new gnomes, members of the “Mana Surge Band”. Each of them drops a different type of verse. In the soulforge, 4 different verses can be combined to activate “Gnome-a-Palooza”: “Gnomes will appear in all Explore, Quests, PVP, and Challenge Battles for 15 minutes.”

I’m excited, but at the same time… does this mean with more gnomes in circulation, we’re less likely to see the other gnomes after the update?


I don’t think I mind seeing fewer pet gnomes in general play if I can trigger guaranteed gnomes for a period of time. The idea of a gnome every battle is just wild.

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