(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Spooky? Silly ol’ me? What gave people this impression?


Also, the last two kingdom mythics swapped order, so those of us without Zuul’Goth will be able to level up Karakoth on 1 March instead of 5 April.


I love this one the most lol


@Truxton @Rickygervais @Fleg @TheIdleOne The nice devs are giving us our very own delve city !

It had better live up to our high standards :face_with_monocle:


I expect it to be a 6 room start to finish with mana drain and troop movement. You know, they gotta steal our sigils during the faction event :stuck_out_tongue:


And multi-transforms out the wazoo.


Will there be more gnomes in future, and if, when?


Brown mythic gnome


You mentioned this previously but is this just from Salty’s secret team?

There doesn’t seem to be any information on Taran’s.

Just really curious to know more details :blush:


It’s not true, just wanted to see the reaction because the gnome are very hard to get and every time a gnome is added to the vault it reduce the chance to get a specific one. Im still missing the jewel gnome and really suck to be stuck cause im only getting 4-5 vault key during the event.

Personally i know few people who would
Rage if this ever happen :slight_smile:


Brown mythic gnome’s third trait causes your whole team to run away on 4- or 5-matches :joy:



I don’t wanna hear his sermons…


They are pretty cheeky. But you really need to worry when he stops talking, since he’s a “silent but deadly” type.


Oh come on, that’s a mean assumption.



Too Hot to Handle
Mechanically Minded
Merry and Bright
Truly Inspirational
Defender of the Crown
One of the Good Guys
Monster Hunter
The Babysitter
The True Prophet
Ancient and Wise
It's Not My Vault
Drinking Buddy
On the Wrong Side
Sneaky Sneaky
Romantic Poet
Egg on my Face
Border Patrol
Diced with the Devil
Draconic Liberator
Non-Slayer of Kings
Scourge of the Seas
Plays Well with Udders
Pony Lover
Dazed and Confused
Chilled Out
Wet Behind the Ears
Sinfully Decadent

@Saltypatra, hint please
when and how to get the title


chat upgrade
portraits and emoji
Starter Set

tongue sunglasses special smile scream lol hearteyes heart cry angry

and other emojisets for

  • Joining a Guild
  • Playing PvP
  • Unlock Soulforge
  • Unlock Underworld
  • Unlock Dungeons


Titles and emojis… Well for cosmetic uses this is ok. I’m more interested in new upgrades for troops so we get some way to make extra improvements like:

image +5 Magic (Because there is no Wisdom stats in the game)

Tassarion: :angry: Why, by Kristenax’ scales, wearing a bucket on your head would make you wiser?
Razzagor: :face_with_monocle: It’s better than wearing nothing, so it’s a wise choice.
Tassarion: :neutral_face:
Razzagor: :grinning:
Tau: :star_struck: Tau wants one now.
Finley: :thinking: This might be an opportunity…
Tassarion: :roll_eyes: … Somedays i shouldn’t get out of the bed, at all.


Will this be something like my suggestion? Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! I hardly hope to see it in game.


Taransworld weekly events says that on 25.2. there will be Tower of Doom with Doom of Stone. Really? Will they not release all troops in order since Doom of Light and Doom of Nature haven’t been released or planned… (I’m interested in troops, but of course it’s the whole event including the doomed weapon.)


Doom of Light and Doom of Nature will be after that. We can see ToD schedule for next 4 events on Weapon spoilers page (look on the release date for Doomed weapons) https://www.taransworld.com/Spoilers/Weapons.pl