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Titles and Medals by Achievements

Gems of War has become a very complex game. We have many goals that offer the most diverse rewards, whether with skill points or in-game items.

Outside the game we have Secondary Missions as the Achievements on Steam. Thinking about it, I had an idea that could make the game even more fun.

What if Gems of War offered, within the game, Titles and Medals for achieving certain goals?
Titles and Medals could be used as cosmetics on the hero’s tab within the game and could be viewed by other players.
We could have Titles and Medals for the most varied achievements in game, going from simple goals, like improving a kingdom’s level to more intense goals, like achieving a large number of battles in certain game modes.

Just as an example, we could have Titles and Medals for:
(Simple Challenges)

  • Apply level 10 in all realms.
  • Apply 5 stars in all realms.
  • Raise 50 creatures to Mythic rank.
  • Raise 50 creatures to level 20.
  • Raise the creatures of a Faction to the Legendary rank.
  • Finish the Arena without defeats.
  • Achieve 100 moves in a Treasure Hunt.
  • Among others.

(Longer, tougher challenges)

  • Win 100,000 PvP battles (although there is no accountant, I believe a lot of players have already reached and even passed this mark).
  • Reach level 100 of the Talent Tree of a class (there would be a title or medal for each class).
  • Win 1000 battles with 4 creatures of the same class on the team (each creature class could have its own title).
  • Losing 5,000 battles (being defeated is inevitable).
  • Raise Pets to the Myth rank (one title or medal for every 10 Pets).
  • Among others.

Although this was only a status, many Titles and Medals would be displayed with pride by their conquerors.


I like shiny doodads and progress bars that go up. This is exactly the kind of feature that helps convey progress even when you aren’t making it. While this would be a good bit of dev work and not really “add” anything to the game, I think it’s a good idea that would have a surprising effect on player retention.

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I like having my serotonin receptors pinged, too. Count me in.


I think the same way. We can see our progress (and that of other players) through these medals and titles. I am proud of my achievements and would love to see it represented in a medal or title. We would have even more reason to reach our goals in the game.

I hope more players see this post and get it to the developers. We would have even more reason to spend hours in Gems of War.

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kkkkkk That’s it. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Where would these be displayed? In your chat name? On your profile?

In your profile, next to your name. A medal would appear next to your name in the chat (an example) and if someone inspected it, would see the title in its full status.
I’ve seen this in many games and I would love to.
I love making achievements in Gems of War, if I could display them in game it would be even more perfect.