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Primal Rift is linked to which kingdom of Krystara?


Forest of Thorns.


Thank you.


Did we have stats (Talents Trees/Traits) for the class that might be arriving on Dec 07? (Shaman/WIld Plains)

(If not will check back later this month. Love the hard work you do, often know things a month in advance)




Thanks. Not sure how I missed that. :heart:


Makes me wonder if I should craft Yasmine’s Pride since it would be required to 10 stars of Forest of Thorns but… eh… Anu still battling the diamond hoard.


FYI: The weapon spoiler page was down for a couple days (sorry). Tonight I had time to look in to it and fix the problem. I was also able to add the release date for weapons. :slight_smile:



I see some very good weapons and I’m scared to say anything.


Class spoilers pretty pretty please? :drooling_face:


Does anyone have the images of the Doom troops?


Some doom images are:

Troops as requested…
… (Type in all the numbers in between)

Also, backgrounds…
… (Type in all the numbers in between)


Thank you. :heart_eyes_cat:


Thanks for posting, Tarans. I have been wondering where does the asset arts of other things are stored.

It’s so interesting to look at Delve rooms’ arts and see how much work went into them. A lot of background arts are completely new and didn’t exist elsewhere! I also like that they reuse arts from troops and their spells a lot, quiet efficient! They even use the version of troops’ arts without the black edge, which only available to them, to make them fit better with background, so awesome!

Also, found these while looking at all 70+ backgrounds, 4 Delve rooms’ arts of 2 upcoming Factions!


Hi everyone, sorry this took a couple weeks after I said I would do it but I’ve been super busy. I hope you like this new addition to www.taransworld.com

enjoy. :slight_smile:


Woohoo!!! :star_struck:


So, Taurus class doesn’t get the talent free that ends with the boosts to Tauros allies? *shakes head


Someone is going to be so rattled. He’ll have a bone to pick with the devs. He will stand for such skullduggery. He shall never stop to get a rework for wild plains or die trying… um, even death shall not keep him from his task! That the wild plains shall be taroasted no more.

They may as well rename it the mild plains at this rate.


Does anyone know which kingdom belong the February (Fang Moor) and March (Dark Pits) Factions belong to?