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Can never have too much Guild Wars :grinning:


Did we know if Fallen Valdis silence our teams Divines? Though the third sentence of it’s spell mentions “Silence all Divines”, if that spell effect is attached to the previous sentences then it would not. So it could go either way.


I highly doubt she silences ally divines. The wording is similar to gard’s. If she does she isnt mythic worthy


And her third trait is trash.


random disease enemie on purple matches.


I like the art on the card, but I think you’re right on her third trait. Still, not every mythic troop can do something incredible on four-five matches.


i want a trait on 4/5 matches pull enemy troop off their team and place on mine xD


Why not transform random enemy in paesant on 4+ gems


50% of creating a doom skull on 4 or 5 purple gem matches. It will sinergize well with her spell.


I have a few team builds I’d like to try with her. I’ll be previewing her next week on stream!


Creating doom skulls also fits the theme of Dhrak-Zum nicely.


I was planning on a Dhrak-Zum team to take advantage of her spell. I think having more troops that cause Disease will be interesting too!


I still think we need more troop type with 1/2 mana start, we need it if we want to see something else than divinity…


I don’t like this Mythic:

  • an undead Dwarf kingdom and we get a pretty angel as a Mythic… Snow White cliche?
  • she doesn’t look like an undead in fact…
  • a 24-mana troop to counter Divine is not a solution…


I suggested this troops before:
The Boomerang
Spell: When cast this troop and a randoned enemy troop exchanges places (including Heroes)


Her spell is pretty powerful, so I think we can live with a so-so third trait. Disease is annoying enough to win or lose you games. Paired with the Silence from her spell, she could be nasty to play against. I don’t think that trait needs upgrading… great art and concept btw. Dark Mercy anyone?


I suspect it must be somehow linked to the storyline written by @Sirrian . Re-shuffling = Blight?


Said it before, will say it again, i like her trait, early disease is strong enough albeit defensive in nature. Several mythics in the game have worse unique traits.


Stonesong made me immediately remember Pan’s Valley.


Does anyone know where I could find the Gems of War Backgrounds? on Wikia does not have all and I would very much like to complete this collection. I love these arts, especially the upgrade background of the troops and the guilds.