(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


I believe that my feedback shows you guys flashes of a higher level of excellence, that you may always stretch yourselves further to yearn towards it…


Great comeback was great. You’re a good egg.


Just now I looked closer to troops spoilers - and saw that I can’t find a counter-tower troop for Urskaya (Oct 22-28). But there is one the next week (in Khaziel). Did the devs decide to make Guild Wars every other week? And does this mean Guild Wars will be updated very soon?


Please let it be ANOTHER competive guild mode (instead of another event Boss/Invasion), but no deep changes for Guild Wars.
They fly so high, they can extremly crash!


I just wanted to pop in and clarify a few things about the upcoming schedule. Yes, we will be having an extra Guild Wars! However, this doesn’t mean that we will be running Guild Wars every two weeks, instead of every three. This is a special once off. We are re-shuffling our schedule to make room for some sparkly new things!

TLDR, yes, this is a real Guild Wars. No, we aren’t making Guild Wars run every two weeks. :slight_smile:

Devs plz give us guild wars back fortnightly
Is Guild Wars now all 2 Weeks?

So Weird!!!


I really appreciate both the raid and invasion events, I’m glad to know things aren’t going back to how they use to be. Guild Wars fatigue almost forced me to quit the game before 3.0, I would hate to have that happen all over again.


Seriously? Imo delve event, raid and invasion are more exausting than gw. Gw is only 5 battle every day


Oh no! My dearest Salty, can we have other event ? Or even no event? Hate GW


Maybe, but I bet the real reason is that Sirrian has realised that his novella chapters won’t line up if you keep the regular order… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, thanks for the spoiler heads-up, it will definitely reduce the amount of wailing and handwringing on the forums when we get to October. :smirk:


Yeah I wanted to make sure everyone knew what was happening. :slight_smile: Feel free to spread the word to your guildmates.


I really hope gw every second week becomes a permanent thing. That way you could alternate bounty and vault event to fall every gw weekend. Better to have these during gw because gw is less time consuming than raid/invasion.


Surely new faction events are more time-consuming than Vault events?


Not for me lol.


Could something like this happen on a more regular basis maybe every six weeks add another guild wars?


We have a new schedule of events that we are proposing, so this is unlikely @Ghaleon.




Is this going to be with an update, or seperate from 4.1?


I enjoy playing the game, I could care less about the time it takes for raid and invasion. By the way I scored 20k points in raid in four hours on Monday, and I passed all requirements for the week at 16k. I don’t find four hours of playing Gems of War exhausting

If I lose a battle in Raid or Invasion, I don’t hurt my guild.

If I lose a battle in guild wars I hurt my guild. Every battle is agonizing because I worry about every move, and how it will impact my points… Even defense losses hurt my guild, and I constantly agonize over more unique defenses hoping to score a win, to help my guild.

Guild Wars in bracket One requires time and effort, and losses or point deductions are embarrassing, and make me feel bad, especially when I’m the odd man out, and everyone else scores 9500…

Then the teams we face… All over-powered metas with boosted stats and some, like goblin with Siren, that can loop on you and end your match in one turn.

You may find Raids and Invasions exhausting. I do not. I enjoy them and the rewards. Guild wars can be frustrating, embarrassing, and easily make people rage quit the game.

But to each his own. However, four hours to have my requirements done for the week on a Monday beats the heck out of all of the above Guild Wars frustrations I mentioned, in my book.


An extra Guild Wars? I’ll take it! Thank you!
(Happy dance emoji if there were one)