(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Hmmmm that’s a lot of spoilers…

Any dates anywhere on new hero classes? They’re much needed, based on the kingdom power requirements…


September 28th: Frostmage (Glacial Peaks)
November 2nd: thief (Zaejin)

Else there are 2 other classes without dates.


Sorry I missed this earlier…

FYI: Restricted colors of these factions…

Crypt Keepers: Purple/Red
Sea of Sorrow: Blue/Brown


Not sure if this has been posted yet, though it’s obvious from the standard banner graphics they now use, but

Crypt Banner: +2 Red, +1 Purple, -1 Green
Sorrowful Banner: +2 Blue, +1 Brown, -1 Yellow


Assuming these are the release dates for Crypt Keepers and Sea of Sorrow…


Damn, those +2 +1 combos already have their reverse ones … Blighted Lands and Blackhawk respectively. Still waiting on the themes to be right for some combos we haven’t gotten yet.

I mean, they have three different banners with blue/green/yellow already. Enough is enough lol.


I’m not sure if this counts as a spoiler or not but I have added a new feature on www.taransworld.com:

SoulForge Summoning Stone History
Shows current and historical Summoning Stone troops in SoulForge.



I like the One Punch Man reference with “The Deep (Sea) King”


new storm?


new chest
icon_key6 2018-09-19%2015_35_20-Atlas_Keys


New chest seems interesting albeit somewhat worrying as to what could be in it but the block storm? Yeah… not looking forward to that if it carries over.


Did you find some new banners too? :stuck_out_tongue:


Are those chaos shards in that chest? Also, I’m not sure how effective the lock on the front is when the top of the chest is open…


That cannot be right, that is beyond ridiculous


No more resources please lol.


Same. Here is hoping that chest is added as graphic in faction for chaos shards. But again the summoning portals already exists.


Looking at the lock and the key, I’m quite convinced it’s a good thing the chest is already open. :thinking:


Excuse you all what if it’s a magic lock and key, you ever think of that?


Diamond chest?


Want to make a bet?
But, this time, they will now be called Salty Keys. (Or maybe Cyrup Keys?)