(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


I’m not seeing any beyond Aug 3. Are we still awaiting confirmation before the new classes are added to that page?


There are the only information that we can get. My guess is that the schedule is not yet done, as said by @Saltypatra :


Anyone know of the events or maybe could guess some for the cosmetic pets we will be getting? I’m thinking Valentiny will be for Valentine’s day :thinking:


I don’t know but I bet we’ll have cosmetic pets to match holiday skulls.
St Patrick’s day
New years
Valentines day
4th July already
Cinco de mayo

Not sure if they’d do non US themes. They missed Canada day. @Rickygervais so wanted a pet maple leaf


Maybe they can include Fathers day and mothers day as well :rofl:


…Did you guys know that International Bunny Day is on September 22nd this year?




Cat day is a wednesday and that’s pet day. @Saltypatra and @Cyrup Wednesday August 8th the 24 hour pet event should be Lucky to celebrate the greatest animal in the world or you could make a new cat


This sounds great at first, but we’ve already had Lucky as the rescue pet (first or second such event). The howling would be unimaginable if the devs dared to repeat a pet while so many people are missing pets.


Yeah people would be pretty upset but it is cat day


That deserves a cat clap.


They could simply put Kit Sith in the event:

I wish its head could a little smaller and his eyes a little more mischievous.


Asha makes grabby hands!


All i want is the Parot pet for Talk like a Pirate Day 19. sept and a Towel pet for Towel day 25. may (tribute to Douglas Adams).

Many games celebrate both these days with events, and I care alot more about that then american only holydays like thanksgiving and 4th july.


You just wait for “Flat Earh day”… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Reminds me… but the Flat Earth Society recently announced that they have members all around the globe now


They have compelling barbecues to support their theories. NASA and the scientific community on the other hand…


Not sure if Intended but Medea’s third trait mentions Mythics… I think it’s supposed to be Mystics but if not then make sure you upgrade as many cards to Mythic as possible when using this on your team.


We have already changed Medea’s third trait text, but it won’t go out for a while. :slight_smile:


Ok, heads, daemons starr with half mana, tails, mystics start with half mana. If neither, class change cost is removed