(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Hey everyone, there won’t be a vault event this weekend as there will be a class event. :slight_smile:


Yep rune priest


I seem to recall somewhere that some of the daily dungeon troops are type “Boss” so Raid troops could useful (for newer players)
Invasions - I got nothing

Honestly I was hoping that at some point a re-work would allow a dynamic third trait that changes based on if there is a Boss on the opponent team, and if you get the alternative trait (which would not even need to be that good as anything beats nothing)


Hero should count as Boss and boom all this expensive troops will get a space in many teams.


Can we know what the schedule is for upcoming Bounty/Vault/Class events? The spoiler data seems to suggest Bounty still every 4 weeks. How are the other events going to slot in between?


Class event is this weekend


I am also very interessted for the next (New/Weekend) Class Events, some of my Kingdoms are very impatient!


I’d really like to see Godslayers being able to pierce Zuul immunities and Siegebreakers being able to pierce Tower immunities with their spell. It’s not going to make those fights a pushover, being able to get a Frozen (Freya) or Entangle (Ironbark) in would add some variety.


Next kingdom event will be on August 27th. So kingdom release August 24th.

Confirmed also what @Fleg was saying about monthly Bounty event…
Maybe, they will change the 3-days Class event to a one day event (so same than the Pet ones)… Honeslty, one day is enough for that event :slight_smile: .
Or one week-end event every week with the 3.6 event being the 4th event.


Except that the new kingdom is linked to 3.6, so the Kingdom release could be pushed out if the update is delayed, as has happened with Kingdoms linked to updates in the past.

Edit: Expanded statement for clarity.


We got spoiler updates today. The sins are not part of Apocalypse. They have different rarities and the kingdom is blank, so they are actually the new kingdom. 7 sins + Barghast.


FYI: Another spoiler update just came down (two days in a row) :slight_smile:

  • 237 troop changes
  • 1 weapon change
  • 10 pet changes





Just… why?


I guess he’d be a pretty decent Divine counter if you can fill him fast enough. Even then though i feel he’s just going to get used the week he’s released, then thrown away to the scrap pile like many others


What…no Empowered?


So were losing a sweet vault event for a dumb class event that gives terrible rewards and gives you xp which you can get by yourself at a decent speed? Great


So all the 7 sins troops got Common to Legendary rarity to become the base kingdom troops. That’s a bit sad, I thought they’re all exclusive Mythic. But I have to say all their spells are very interesting and unique. They fit perfectly to their identity.

New “Omen” trait that randomly explode a gem at the start of the battle seems to be a theme to them, with Legendary boss that explode gems randomly everytime it match skulls. It’s quite chaotic and unreliable, but it fits their Apocalypse theme and would be fun to play.

Poor Barghast though, Kerberos should really adopt him.

P.S. Why does Arachnaean Weaver keep getting buffed? Every little update make it stronger. It happened at least 5 time in a row now!


Probably because it was rubbish… now, it’s… not so bad… but at least it’s a Divine and also yellow, so it’ll slot nicely into Ishbaala+Bard combo of your choice…

…still it must be Divine, being so big and holy and having those nice wings…


Gluttony… 11 cost, 20% devour, and generates ~15-20 mana? Yikes. All on an Ultra-Rare, too! Sloth on a team of drain-resistant troops seems kinda fun. Greed… maybe a Bonnie Rose/Gog and Gud synergy? I never had much luck with them.