(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Long ears = part bunny. Another troop for our friend @Sheba. :smile:


yes,you’re right. i guess sheba will love her too. :grin:


Yes nice art. Shame her spell (as drafted) is so bad.


Well she look like the other godslayer?


So it looks like the Vault event in 7 days is the last one for ages? I wonder what the schedule is for vault/bounty/class events? Once each every 6 weeks?


Why Not every 3 weeks?


That’s what I’d prefer but it’s unlikely.


FYI: Good size spoiler update just came in. :slight_smile:

218 lines of Troop changes and 24 lines of Weapon changes. :slight_smile:



Troop Types: Human, Mystic
" Trait #3: Aura of Power: All Mythics gain 1 Magic on 4 or 5 Gem matches."

Am I reading this right? Mythics as in troop rarity and not Mystic as in troop type? Doesn’t hold a candle to Hyndla, but that’s an interesting choice.

Midge Swarm:
Spell Description: Deal [Magic +8] scatter damage to all enemies twice.

scatter damage? Is that like split damage or is that some new Gems of War shrapnel damage?

Stormsinger: Spell Description: Transform a selected Mana color to Blue. Summon a random Storm.
Don’t agree with summoning a random Storm if the troop’s design is to transform a gem color to Blue…

Taloca: Trait #3: Lightning Bolt: Deal 10 damage to a random enemy on 4 or 5 matches.
That got my attention, although for better or worse I’m not sure.

And more I didn’t mention. (Suna buff anyone?)

Edit: Also, although I hesitate to want a buff for any Divine troops, but Arachnaean Weaver: Abyssal Strands: Web all enemies. Deal [Magic +5] true damage to an enemy. If the enemy dies, Explode 10 Gems.

Just doesn’t seem that great to me. Wish it would get rid of the if the enemy dies clause because the damage it does just isn’t going to kill many things.


Mythic = Mystic in that case, surely.

Scatter damage = random split damage like Steam Turret. Hitting twice is a nice feature.

Lightning Bolt probably needs to do less than 10. (Freaking Viper’s third trait still needs to do more than 3!)

Weaver’s damage will probably be OK, it is a true-damage hit after-all. Third trait looks annoying since we usually aim to not have a space open, but that’s a powerful summon and has perfect color synergy.

Godslayer with a damage boost from gold is probably too easy.

Tauros week is probably going to be lame. Nevermind Tauros is legit lol. Sunweaver, Ketras, Minogor, Chief Stronghorn…

We’re getting a transformer Godslayer which is nice for a change.

Mana-draining Siegebreaker which is hopeless vs the Towers.


I’m excited for Tigraki Warrior, a powerful scaling Bounty troop: Deal [Magic +1] true damage to an enemy, boosted by their Armor. [3:1]. True damage that scale on armor designed for fighting high-stat enemies? Hell yes!

While Tauros Invasion got some powerful troops, the Siegebreaker doing random ranged damage can be quite unpredictable. At Mythic, It could be critical hit on 5x (40x5), or miss and doing less than 3x at Epic. (15x5<30x3)

About damage term, we already have spilt damage, and there will scatter and splash damage as well. What a confusing term!

As for the weapon, we got interesting ones like Deathspire, AoE weapon with its spell damage boosted by Tower. And Golden Sun, the gold-farming Mang weapon. What?! Could be useful in a team with spell that boosted by gold.


Bonnie Rose, moneylender and flintlock pistol weapon?


Iirc those are the terms the Devs use internally for a long time, the spells will probably be reworded with the terms we are accustomed to when the troops get updated for release.


Split damage seems to disappear for Scatter damage.

Splash is “deal X damage and half of that damage to adjacent enemies.”


Just noticed a pet update too. :wink:



I’m aiming to have the spoiler page graphics updated tonight but until I get done here is a glance at what is new. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what to feel about owning a baby dwarf for a pet.

Also, Troop_K34_08 looks badass. What’s the story?

Edit: hey, a new Gnome!


Story… As soon as I get them on the website you can read all about them. :slight_smile:


and new classes icons
image image
and more…


FYI: Spoiler pages updated with all the new graphics.