(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


We won’t be doing any new game modes this stream, but in the future…


@Saltypatra will there be another QA before 3.3 goes live ?


… SPOILER ALERT yes there will @Ghaleon. I’m sorting out the details today. :slight_smile:


Please say that next kingdom is at least 2 months away. And i have an Orpheus team! He is alone :p.





Wow Shentang next week?


thats really amazing if dev release shentang during chinese spring festival :heart_eyes:


If it is I am going to be really annoyed I have 34 gold keys, 41 glory keys, 2 gem keys and 210 event keys I probably wouldn’t get a new troop with that.


Ok, so wait. Shentang on Feb 16th. I totally dig.

Leonis Kingdom event on Feb 19th? I don’t like this… (no new kingdom event week?)
Leonis Kingdom event with a new Legendary on Feb 19th… (and the new Legendary on Feb 5th). What?

Surely, this is a work in progress?

I’m also guessing this is why they want to hide spoilers, because criticisms and such. =/


I believe that most players will have saved their keys for Shentang’s release if they have known…


Lets all hope its wrong information…


Hi All, just wondering if there are any legendary rouges in the future. Week of rouge seems a bit weak when highest troop is an epic.



Diviner looks very interesting, sweet new traits!

Penglong looks… generic?


Well 3 weeks to bank keys


He’s only an Epic troop :wink: .

Killing Diviner because of loop is a little bit strange…

Mana drain immunity on Mana generator is going to be a pain.


Diviner’s middle trait feels like a Legendary Trait on it’s own…
Exchanging two life for magic is very strong.


This is very true. I hope that isn’t the final version.


You are aware that with 3.3. troops like Nyx and Anariel will also gain drain immunity, yes? The immunity on Diviner will be the smallest problem then.


As Salty likes to say, D8