(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Expect 3.3 to be delayed


This is the first time I don’t know what to expect on monday or what Traitstones to get from glory rewards.


Thanks, Dad. You always know how to make me feel so special.


Any strong data-based idea on what Monday’s troop(s) is (are)?


…aren’t we getting Leonis Empire?


Leonis Empire feels unlikely, considering that it just received a new Mythic. My not very well developed gut feeling says Drifting Sands, it’s been around for a long time and still at seven stars max.


I will say Darkstone (only kingdom with 2 troops with pictures aside Leonis Empire).


I believed that once a Mythic is out, the following week is dedicated to its Kingdom. Was it not so?


It could be anything really. Shocktopus could be the 2nd troop.


Shocktopus should be a gift troop.


I don’t recall it ever having been handled like this, at least not on PC. When a new kingdom it out, the following weekly event is dedicated to that kingdom, there doesn’t seem to be any rule for the Mythic.


Saltys hint about 2 troops could easily mean Shocktopus as one of them.


Guys we get a new legendary per month right? It could be a Stormhein or Darkstone event. When was chief stronghorn added?


Salty would you be willing to share the info for tommorrow’s troop(s)? You know it (right?) and we’re dying to know. Please.

(Figured I’d try the direct approach. Otherwise we hopefully find out tonight and rush to let our guilds know as soon as we know).



on Gow facebook. Think that may be Cedric Sparklesack?

Not sure how ID Vault means, it’s not a troop assigned an area right?
(sorry I know speculation is not what anyone wants at the moment)


So I’m predicting we get three new troops tomorrow from Zhulkari,one being a legendary, one epic, and one common.


I’ve got 10K diamonds waiting for that to hit the forge. #endgamer_problems

It’s time to do my weekly strategy guide and the spoilers spreadsheet is empty. Good thing the official news post went up 2 hours ago, or I would be SOL. I guess I’ve been spoiled by being in the spoilers thread.


So if you want some more spoilers… Me and @Cyrup will be streaming some of the Shentang troops on Stream tomorrow!


So does that mean that Shentang is coming by the end of February?


@Saltypatra cool can’t wait to watch it! Any chance you talk about the new game modes also? I know im pushing my luck :slight_smile: