(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Hi all, a small update just came down giving us 48 new changes to the spoilers webpage. Still no new dates. :frowning:


Devs are trolling us :frowning: .

Or they are really working on it and the schedule is not decided yet…


And no changes to Voice of Orpheus :confused:

He’s the quintessential mythic designed by a committee - tries to do a million different things but isn’t particularly good at any of them, and gets soundly outclassed by better, cheaper, focused, dedicated options.

If he did damage or inflicted status effects on the enemy troops when he cleansed, now that would be something!


He has to be true damage or an Aoe.


A few of the troops are almost completely finished (art, stats and traits), though. Based on that, I’m liking Forest of Thorns and Darkstone for the next two weeks, which would correspond to @Turintuor’s information as well.

It’s funny how they don’t seem to be publishing any of the spells - the only spells showing are for Shocktopus, the vault troops and the next mythic.


Is the art and data different things? I know in the past sometimes we get art ages before the data.

Though I know that irrelevant to right now if we have nothing at all.


If you’re asking me, I really don’t know. Obviously, for a troop to go live, the game files need everything (art, data, spell, etc.), but we have no idea how much information is fully done and decided on, just not pushed to the game files. I’m certain that things are much further along than what we’re seeing, but they’re holding more back than they used to.

I’ve only recently gotten obsessed with the game-file spoilers since I’m a console player and up to very recently, we could just look at the PC/Mobile version to see what our next troops would be. Now we’re all equally in the dark and it makes me uncomfortable, but I’m learning to live with it.


My concerns in not having the info in the game files is the idea that they’ll at some point push a few of these new troops out without including finished data, similar to what they did with Bright Forest or the Tzatoth present troop.

Sure, they’ll fix it within an hour or… more… but, it’d be really annoying to deal with if it kept occurring on a weekly basis.


I’m not sure if I’m answering this question (not exactly sure what is being asked) but the spoiler data (wording) comes from two different text files that can be pushed independent of an update however the art I believe can only be pushed during a game update. I haven’t been doing this as long as others but that is what I have seen up till now.


There’ll always be room for more cleansing… as written he’s not a bad Mythic (there are plenty of those), just doesn’t compete with some of the high end ones… I also think there’s always scope for some troops to be mega rare but limited use decorations, given that this is also a collections game…


Exactly im going to try to catch him just for collection


Excuse you @Jainus I do keep an eye on this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

We do keep an eye on the community feedback in this thread. Some is really good! Others not so much, but that’s just the way it is. A lot of our schedule is in flux (especially at the moment!) which is why there isn’t as much future troop data as in the past. Also, I feel that we do provide a lot more information than others games which don’t have any upcoming data available.


Any changes to the new mythic before release?


Likely not. :frowning: Though I still try to keep my hopes up until the very end. But Gargantaur also didn’t get changed, so… yeah. The news post is not up yet, so I suppose keeping a shred of hope alive might be worth it, but…


I’d say one really strong mythic troop a week is more than enough anyways.


A mythic a week? D8 Oh my that is a lot of mythics.


I don’t see how the community can provide feedback if we don’t have spoilers.


Yeah, it’s too bad. I was hoping to have some good fun Orc style. But he always gets left in the menu screen, even when I have a Orc Daily Task.



But you guys frequently get spoilers, they’re just not always regular. (Or the troops haven’t been balanced in a way we are happy with yet.)