(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know an update just came down which gave us 247 new spoiler changes.


Enjoy… :slight_smile:


Niiiiice! I finally can see a Sword’s Edge week coming in the future. It’s about time, some kingdoms had two event weeks since I joined the game in August and some had none at all… though it will likely still be months… But still, there is hope for me!:star_struck:


@Saltypatra so is this a guaranteed confirmation that there will not be any higher level of ascension past mythic then?


Told ya so.


That is what I said. :slight_smile:


Hey, I was in there earlier today, I must’ve missed you!


I always miss you :kissing_heart:



The most disturbing modifications: half of the potential next GW troops are now Rare troops… so it seems the next GW troops will come in ages…


This statement merits a very public announcement, and maybe not just here in the spoilers thread…


So after the new mythic this Friday it’s all guesswork as to what troop is next?


Can you please tell @tacet so he doesn’t have to waste any more time soul farming for the next mythic weapon!


Cedric sparklesack? Lol. I want to tm my spell text from my failed troop idea, ‘lick my plums’.


That actually would be the pits.


Shocktopus is ready to go and hasn’t been released yet. Maybe that will be next week.


They are saving shocktopus for san Valentíne day. Just like my secret mangas. XD


But not a single new release date. sigh…


I would guess they will have something this week. There is nothing scheduled for next Monday…


Am I the only one who actually likes not knowing what exactly comes up? I love looking at the upcoming troops a ton, but just being surprised by what kingdom will have an event the next week is just somehow more exciting than knowing everything in advance.:stuck_out_tongue:


But i need to know all about Anus Knight!


…You guys are by now not writing the apostrophe on purpose, aren’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, I, too, still want to know about the upcoming troops and the art and all. I just like not knowing when exactly comes what. A bit of surprise, at least, without really being in the dark of what is to come.