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(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

There’s always one…

May he be dhjl Macleod - the Gemlander

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Wow this is kinda a dusty topic but let me brush off the dust and say “spoil me what do the files say about up coming content”

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A few things, but nothing for sure. Let me elaborate.

There’s 3 unreleased troops with pictures, names, and spell names, but no descriptions, or spell info aside from the title.

Not even their kingdoms are known as they appear to belong to an impossible kingdom. It’s odd because the troop Mercy appears to be related to them, but was apparently decided to be part of Whitehelm instead, though her files still claim her photo part of the impossible kingdom.

I’ll spoil 1 of the troops for you.

A male angel by the name of Valor, of whom appears similarly in art style as Mercy.

Because he’s unlikely to belong to the same kingdom as his female counterpart due to troop numbers, my guess is he’ll be the ninth troop of Sword’s Edge.

This doesn’t mean they’ll be the next event troop by any guarantee, but they are already within the games files, so they’re something to look forward to nonetheless.

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@Machiknight you have another new avatar!

Don’t forget @Nimhain’s avatar is waiting in the wings (with wings?) too

There is also an apocalypse troop type in the files, which is likely to be in the next kingdom.

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Nimhain’s avatar is currently Venbarak.

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Could be related to the hinted at base rarity Mythic troops as well. Could be the new Elemental Imps replacement.

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Wow. The blue background really threw me off

Also, the 3 troops that Zelfore mention are likely in their own kingdom. All of them are marked as kingdom 33, so they probably won’t go to Whitehelm or anywhere else. Troops that are added to a specific kingdom always align with the numbering for that kingdom.

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Not true, check out Mercy’s image file.

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Mercy was originally going to be added to the other kingdom, but was switched to Whitehelm for some reason. There is no way they intend to give Whitehelm a total of 12 troops before most even have 9.

Exactly my point. They were intended for another kingdom entirely, but they opted for fitting 1 into an already established kingdom. My guess is the same will be done with Valor, but in another kingdom that’s equally as fitting.

Can’t say anything about the other troops, as they appear rather unique, but I could imagine them being kingdom fitted as well.

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I doubt that for one main reason. New troops that are in events, as in go to already existing kingdoms, simultaneously have an event banner added into the files. Mercy had an event banner added to the files when she was added to the files, but the other 3 do not have one.

That’s because Mercy was all ready to be pushed in the next event, spell and description planned to go and everything (even the event banner). These troops lack any defining info meaning they’re still in the planning stages. They could go anywhere at this time, a new kingdom, a preexisting one, unreleased for several months like the fate of many weapons.

Considering the kingdom number provided for these particular troops is an impossibility with the current amount of lands on the map as it is, there’s no sure way to say where they’ll go, short of a whirlpool opening up on the map and leading to an alternate world.

I’m opting to wait and see, personally. But there’s a chance of it going either way with how things presently are displayed.

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We’ll find out on Monday when they update the files. There are currently no more event banners left, so they will have to add more then.

If I had to make a guess now, assuming that they are indeed going to kingdoms, they will probably be:

[spoiler]Sword’s Edge’s 9th

Blighted Land’s 8th



Technically it’s the same avatar, I just found a better picture and got closer up.

Let me shed some light on this, Mercy and the other K33 troops were added before we changed the limit of 8 troops per Kingdom. We were going to add more invisible kingdoms (like the Imps in Primal). However when we removed the 8 troop limit, it meant that we can now move those troops to other kingdoms.


The ??? above is probably the 7th troop for this kingdom: Server Issues (7th April) + Maintenance

That means the new kingdom may be here in about 3 weeks or less. :slight_smile: